Garmin MapSource Uploadable maps
22 June 2000

For a list of all the currently availavle maps on CDs, refer to Garmin's Cartography site (HERE):

GARMIN EUROPE  states the following dates for some European Garmin CD-ROMs:

Road n Rec:    For all
Metroguide:    For eMap, Streetpilot & ColorMap

Road n Rec United Kingdom 3.00 AVAILABLE Initial release.
Road n Rec Germany 3.02 AVAILABLE Initial release, Multi-Lang install
Road n Rec Italy 3.02 AVAILABLE Initial release , Multi-Lang install
Metroguide United Kingdom 3.03 AVAILABLE Initial release
Metroguide France 3.03 Mar 13, 2000 Initial release, Multi-Lang install
Metroguide Benelux 3.03 April 3, 2000 Initial release
Metroguide Germany 3.03  April 10, 2000 Initial release, Multi-Lang install
Metroguide Italy 3.03 Apr 14, 2000 Initial release, Multi-Lang install
Metroguide Sweden/Denmark 3.03 Apr 20, 2000 Initial release
Metroguide Austria 3.03 May 2, 2000 Initial release
Metroguide Switzerland 3.03 May 5, 2000 Initial release
Metroguide Spain 3.03 May 12, 2000 Initial release, Multi-Lang install*
  *See review by Carlos Puch (HERE)
Road n Rec France  3.02 June 2, 2000 Initial release , Multi-Lang install
Road n Rec Benelux 3.02 June 9, 2000 Initial release
Road n Rec Sweden/Denmark 3.02 June 16, 2000 Initial release
Road n Rec Austria 3.02 June 23, 2000 Initial release
Road n Rec Switzerland 3.02 June 30, 2000 Initial release
Road n Rec Spain 3.02 July 7, 2000 Initial release , Multi-Lang install


Unfortunately,  the amount of detail shown in various European maps varies WIDELY.  Coverage in the UK is
excellent and Germany we rate as very good.  However,  other countries have variable amounts of coverage and
often do not have street level detail of smaller towns and cities.  Here is Garmin's statement about the level of
detail in map coverage:

"Well, first of all, we don't ever have ALL residential streets for any product.   But, it is a little more difficult to
describe for the European products.  These are NavTech based maps and they have residential streets in the major
cities.  However, (for instance) the Spain product really only has residential street level detail in 4 cities
throughout the entire CD. Whereas, the UK product has residential streets almost everywhere. I usually tell people
to expect highly detailed  coverage of just the major cities and its a bonus if the smaller ones show up too."

The following is a description of discontinued maps installed on memory cartridges:

Large file maps, MapSource MetroGuide (US and Europe):  This map system requires the 8MB and 16MB memory cartridges for the StreetPilot (ColorMap) and eMap and provides the very accurate ETAK MetroGuide maps in CD ROM form.  MetroGuide will allow users to load map detail, addresses, business listings and points of interest from any region in the continental USA; including Alaska and Hawaii.   These listings include POI (points of interest) such as restaurants,  campgrounds,  service stations,  hospitals,  airports,  etc.  Older versions of  StreetPilot and ColorMap products may require the free firmware upgrade from the MetroGuide CD ROM or from Garmin's website to enable the uploadable mapping feature.  MetroGuide maps are highly accurate and appear to be from 2 to 4 years old depending on area.

Small file maps, Mapsource Roads & Recreation,  USA Topo,  and WorldMap, are available for ALL Garmin mapping GPS.  While MetroGuide maps can ONLY be used with SP, SP CM, and eMap,  the rest can be used with these plus units such as the G-12Map and G-III+.   However,  if a user loads the small file maps into his SP, SP CM, or eMap;  some of the normal functionality of  the StreetPilot (CM) and eMap will not work -- no street number addresses,  little along road navigation, few POIs,  etc.  All small-file maps, except the USA Topo maps, are not as accurate as the MetroGuide maps.  However the USA Topo map database is 20 to 30 years old.

For further details of MetroGuide and MapSource functionality,  you may want to refer to the StreetPilot Product review which discusses MetroGuide Map capability extensively and the G-III PLUS  review which discusses MapSource Map capability extensively.  Also,  Garmin's website has additional references.

Although city specific MetroGuide cartridges will still be available for customers who don't own PC's,  it is no longer necessary to purchase individual MetroGuide cartridges.  MapSource MetroGuide data is easily transferred from a personal computer to the StreetPilot.  Simply insert a blank or pre-programmed 8MB or 16MB data cartridge select a desired location and begin downloading.
(These are all of the details currently available from Joe and Jack.)

Garmin has furnished additional information with regard to identifying which size MetroGuide cartridge you may have as well as additional user details.  This information is found below.

Hi Joe,
Just wanted to let you in on something in case you want to answer some of the postings on the newsgroups.

Basically, if the current cartridge they have ends with an "M" or and "L", it can be used with the MetroGuide CD.  If the cartridge they have ends with an "S", they will only be able to program Roads and Rec or TOPO or WorldMap data onto the cartridge.  MetroGuide data will not fit, with the exception of Hawaii.

The other option that I have given you is a list.  Below, please find all the current MetroGuides that are created using an 8MB cartridge.

GM-ATL01M       Atlanta Metro,
GM-CHI01M       Chicago Metro
GM-DET01M       Detroit Metro
GM-DFW01M       Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro
GM-HOU01M       Houston-Galveston Metro
GM-MIA01M       Ft. Myers-Miami Metro
GM-OKC01M       Tulsa-Oklahoma City Metro
GM-ORL01M       Orlando-Ft. Pierce Metro
GM-PHX01M       Phoenix-Tucson Metro
GM-PTL01M       Portland-Eugene Metro
GM-RIC01M       Richmond-Norfolk Metro
GM-SEA01M       Seattle Metro
GM-SFC01M       San Francisco Metro
GM-TPA01M       Tampa-St. Pete Metro
GM-WDC01M       Baltimore-Washington D.C. Metro

These two cartridges were created using a 16MB cartridge.

GM-LAX01L       Los Angeles Metro
GM-NYC01L       New York City Metro

Please be sure you explain to these customers that once they erase this data, they cannot get it back.  The
coverage areas on the CD are somewhat different than the ones that we offer via the programmed MetroGuide cartridges.   However!  The MetroGuide CD and the MetroGuide cartridges have the exact same features,  and other information.   BUT - the map coverage areas  are different.   So what used to cover San Francisco -- may not be the precise coverage area map that is the "San Francisco" area in the new MetroGuide CD.

Hope this info helps the users out there figure out whether they need to buy the CD & a card, or just the CD.

Best Regards,

Cartography Department
GARMIN International
1200 E. 151st Street
Olathe, KS  66062