Garmin MetroGuide Map of Spain -Review
                   Carlos Puch (25 June 2000)
This is a short comment on MapSource cartography, specifically

the Spain MetroGuide, the only available so far for my country.

This comments correspond to my very first impressions on the

product, based on a short and intensive testing session, together

with a very helpful and nice GPS distributor in Madrid.

Disappointment is the word!

1. Only Madrid area and the eastern coast of the country are

   included in the CD (See adjoining MAP).

2. Street maps are limited to:

   - Madrid (very good)

   - Barcelona (very good)

   - Valencia (very good)

   - Seville (quite poor)

3. The full detailed areas occupy a little bit more than 8MB.

4. For the rest of the country, the maps are simple lines of

   major roads, with very poor or null detail. Even the

   base map on the old G-III was much better, not to mention

   MapSource WorldMap (which is known by its lack of detail).

Yes I know; Garmin states that:

Coverage for Spain includes: the Mediterranean coastal cities, Seville,

Madrid and Barcelona.

And I also know that digital cartography is expensive outside

the USA.


Is it correct to pay the same price for the U.K. MetroGuide,

which everyone judges as excellent and very complete, than for

the extremely limited Spain MetroGuide? (8150 KB of maps...)

And the worse is: I take with me my G-III+. We downloaded my

waypoints to MapSource and we were really disappointed as there

were more than 150 m of error in the positions on the

Madrid street map!!! Note that those waypoints had been taken

recently (no SA), using Rasant DGPS correction (1 m, proven

on Madrid 1:10,000 map with OziExplorer)... No matter the

datum that we chose on both the GPS and MapSource.

Bad news... Frankly speaking, not only the cartography is very

incomplete; the street maps may be inaccurate...

I think that Garmin is asking a lot of money for a

beta product which must be still improved.

I am waiting for the Roads and Recreation CD for my G-III+,

and only then, when I could make serious testing on the maps

and the software, I will be posting some articles on the News Group.


Carlos Puch