Garmin SP-III demo photos.  (See more pictures by scrolling DOWN.)

StreetPilot ColorMap model III kit contents: SP-III with adjustable mount, antenna, CityNavigator Disk and 12VDC power cable and audio speaker in "pod", USB memory cartridge writer,  and Computer Data Cable assembly.  Plug  on 12vdc power cable rotates about 180 degrees to allow "pod" to connect to most auto car connectors.  Pin plug connects speaker to rear of SP-III.

Now:  Let's take a trip to Matt Highway and see what the displays show us.  (Audio announcements are made also but are not detailed here.)  We input the address in Kennesaw Georgia, press a few buttons and in less than a minute, the GPS is instructing us on our journey.

Typical Display while Routing to destination Address.  Pink line shows computed route.  Screen boxes can show Distance to go/time to go to next turn.  Arrow shows general direction the road will go in the next moments.  Voice command tells you about turn and screen switches to give information about turns as they approach.

After the turn,  the SP-III screen automatically zooms out to larger scale and the display details the next turn.

Above is the same screen as the preceding,  but switched to DAYTIME mode.

 Above is manually zoomed out a bit further after turning on Matt Highway.  Now shows the next turn onto Hwy 306 10.9 miles ahead.

Alternative "DashBoard" screen shows additional data including next cross street.

MapSource Info screen shows what maps are loaded and which ones are selected for display.

Alternative text screen details next three upcoming turns (on my simulated trip to Los Altos Hills California) as well as the final destination and projected trip time.

One of many setup screens to allow selection of map detail/orientation/color mode/autozoom mode

Conclusion:  This is one super performing unit for the money.