Garmin StreetPilot 2610 Screen Photos and Explanations
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Daytime (yellow)  Map Presentation                      Nightime (black) Map showing sharp left turn

Map shows track and current position                    Another map option without info screen on right
Upper N shows north, Right is Information            <- Resumes Normal,  +/- Zoom, Slide Finger=Pan

Routing option Selection Screen                             Routing control menu page options

Travel Computer Page                                             Text Route Directions Page(s)

Info Tab Setup wide/white letters/black backgnd   Info Tab Setup wide/black letters/white backgnd
The background can be black/black transparent/white transparent/white and shades between.

Wide MAP Tab Setup with FOUR Info items        Medium Route Tab setup with THREE Info Items

Normal MAP Tab Setup white/black letters          Compact Tabs give maximum map area

Map display options are selected here                   Satellite Information and Position Info Page

Time Features Setup Page and Display                  Page Displays when MARKing new Waypoint

Stored Waypoint Display Page                                Search for "All Nearby Food" stores

These Find Menu Pages show options of "places and things" you can select to FIND.

Search for Govt and Emergency Facilities             Select a starting point option for new route

Routing Selections from Menu                               Selecting Guidance and other options Menu

Default is No Setup While Driving, Can Defeat    Options when Satellite Reception is Lost

Tracklog Selection and Display Remaining            Select which loaded maps to display page

Main Menu Selections Page                                    Languages Selection Page (all included inside)

You can find most any accommodations you want    Daytime screen showing Right Turn Indicated

Lets FIND a specific address now as a new destination and have the SP find it for us.

Push the FIND button, then ADDRESSES>          Then finger press NUMBER window 

finger press 123 and then press OK                       Then finger press the STREET window

Then finger press DALE then OK                           Then finger press the street name you want (Dale)

Finger press the Dale address you want                  Then finger press GOTO and you are Finished

(And.. It is just as fast to do as you think it is...  Assuming you put your address in like the database
has it stored.  99% of the time you find it immediately.  In the case above,  you would be well
advised to enter Dale Ave or Dr. or put in a LIMIT TO Calhoun, or Georgia or the zip code so as
to limit the number of matches returned.) 
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