Two Examples of Terraserver Map Errors

Terraserver Color Photo Maps not Registered properly in the Houston Area

The above green dot (supplied by USAPhotomaps) on the B&W map is at UTM 15R 251572.0E 3294836.0N
This is at the end of Riverview Way and is apparently in the correct position.

Here on the color map the same green dot position is some 500+ feet to the north north east of the correct position

Terraserver "Southwest Atlanta" 7 1/2' topo sectional is not registered properly

The green dot in the screen capture above is at: UTM 16S  743164.0E  3737540.0N.  This is at the NE corner of the "Southwest Atlanta" sectional.  This sectional is out of register by 209m in the N/S direction -which is the UTM difference between NAD-27 and NAD-83 in Atlanta.  The other three sectionals bordering Southwest Atlanta are registered properly.