GPSmap 76 with Optional Mount

These six data fields on the map page can be programmed with a choice of 27 calculations:

Accuracy, Bearing, Depth, Course, Dist to Dest, Dist to Next, ETA at Dest, ETA at Next,
Max Speed, Mov Avg Speed, Mov Trip Timer, Off Course, Pointer, Speed, Time of Day,
Time to Dest, Time to Next, To Course, Track (direction), Trip Odom, Ttl Avg Speed,
Ttl Trip Timer, Turn (amount), VMG, Water Speed, Water Temp, or Elevation

One of the things that made the III+ such a useful GPS was that all the navigation screens had 26-user defined data fields.  This feature has been improved upon in the GPSmap 76.  The three main navigation screens can have 1-9 user defined data fields.  This is done with 1,2,3 rows of three per row small font data fields, giving 3,6,9 data fields.  Or 1,2,3 rows of two per row medium font data fields; giving 2,4,6 data fields.  And finally 1 or 2 rows of one large font data field per row; for 1 or 2 data fields.