My thoughts on the Garmin GPS-V (Europe)

by Holger Stumges

Things you might cover include:
1)  Why you picked out the GPS you did.

 I wanted a small device first of all for using it on a motorbike but also
in the car or when I'm walking through big unknown cities on holiday.
I had to decide between a streetpilot colormap or a 176c. Then I noticed the
GPS V and the SPIII with their autorouting features. In Germany the SPIII is
terrible expensive a complete package costs nearly $1700.
The GPSV was the best and less expensive all in one solution. I bought it in
the UK for $610.

2)  What you like about your choice.

I like the autorouting feature, the small size of the unit, the battery
operation time and the very clear and bright display ( with backlight).

3)  What you do not like about your choice?

4)  Your experiences in using your GPS receiver.

There are several things which should be changed in the firmware to make the
unit better usable for Europe. For example if You are on an motorway the
unit knows exactly were the exits are but it does not know that we are
normally leaving main road of the motorway over 900 feet before the real turn.
Therefore the 2 warnings to turn or leave come  to late. Remember weave got
no general speed limit on our motorways. There are several other small
bugs. But I think most of them could be repaired with new firmware

5)  Does your GPS perform as you expected.

6)  How is the manual?
Its ok

7)  Other comments.

If I would be able to built a gps unit of my own it would be a GPS V plus
with a bit more memory than just 19 MB. It wouldn't be easy to get a bigger
display without changing the units size. ;-)

Regards Holger

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