Garmin's StreetPilot 2610/2650 Motorcycle Mount

We have had many inquiries about a secure motorcycle mount for the Garmin SP2610/2650 units.  Garmin has provided us this preliminary information on their new mount which is supposed to be available in February 2004.  (The picture is the best available as of December 2003).

The Motorcycle mount accessory will be available in two different packages.

Model #1 010-10495-00 Motorcycle Mounting Kit, which includes the bracket, power/audio cable, and mounting bracket to adapter screws, and security screw. List price is $49.99

Model #2 010-10495-01 Motorcycle mounting bracket, List Price is $19.99 The power/audio cable (010-10495-02) will also be available separately for a list price of $34.99

The motorcycle mount attaches to the rear of the 2610 using the two slots in the bottom of the existing tilt mount, and the slot just below the Philips head black screw in the current mount. Once the unit is in place in this mount the release portion of the mount can be secured using a tamper resistant screw which is supplied. This basically locks the unit to the mount. The mount is designed to be attached to any of the standard 4 hole mounts for cell phones, etc, including RAM mounts already on the market. The holes are 1.5 inches apart horizontally, by 1.2 inches apart vertically.

The power/audio cable is a bare wire cable to provide power to the unit, it also offers a 2.5 mm female connector for connections to the male connector coming from a motorcycle headset system.

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