How to load the Magellan Meridian memory card using a USB-MMC/CD card reader/writer
By Nathaniel Klumb

The Magellan Meridian line of GPS receivers uses industry standard SD cards for detail map storage. With an inexpensive SD card reader (such as the ZiO!-MMC), it is possible to load detail maps into your Meridian without having to spend the long waits that using the serial cable entails. (Using a USB MMC/SD card reader, you can transfer megabytes per second to the card, while MapSend at its best may only send at less than 2 kilobytes per second using a serial cable!) So, here's how you do it:

   1.  Create your region(s).
   2.  Click "Upload to GPS..."
   3.  If your Meridian is connected, turn it off.
   4.  Wait for MapSend to tell you it can't upload, and say OK.
   5.  Find "maps.img" in the "Export" directory under MapSend (C:\Program Files\Magellan\MapSend...\Export\).
   6.  Using your SD card reader, copy "maps.img" to an SD card and rename it to "DETAIL00.IMG"
   7.  Put the SD card into your Meridian and enjoy!

Note: You can also transfer any of the detail maps from the "...\Export\Images\" directory, but the Meridian will only recognize one file (the one you name "DETAIL00.IMG"). If you want to have more than one detailed region, you must use the "maps.img", which is the joined image of the regions you've selected. If you only care to have one region of detail at a time, once the images have been created in the "...\Export\Images\" directory by the "Upload to GPS..." command, you can simply copy the one you want to use and rename it "DETAIL00.IMG" without ever going back into MapSend. (You can also keep renamed copies of your favorite "maps.img" region set files and copy/rename those on demand.)