MetroGuide Europe:  What is it,  How do I get it and MORE
Information provided by Gilles Kohl

Q: What is MetroGuide Europe ?
A: Details about the product itself can be found HERE.

Q: Is there a similar upgrade for European Roads and Recreation ?
A:  Yes, but I don't know anything about it - the upgrade process seems to be the same though. Check the PDF links in the next question for upgrade information and pricing.

Q: How can I order the upgrade ?
A: To order the upgrade, you'll need to send in an original (country-specific) MapSource Europe CD as proof of purchase.

If you live in Europe (outside of the US, in general), THIS is the form you need.  (You'll need to send your CD to Garmin Europe in Romsey, Hampshire, in the UK)

Q: How much does the upgrade cost ?
A: For current pricing, make sure you check the Garmin website. Here's my information:

- in Europe (outside US), UKP 47 incl. VAT (UKP 40 to non-EEC countries), both for R&R and MetroGuide upgrade.

- in the US, US$ 60 plus applicable sales tax.

Q: Do I need to send my original CD in the box with all material included ?
A: No. To save postage, you can send only the original CD and keep the packaging, manual, jewelcase etc. That is what I did (after asking Garmin Europe by email if this would be OK)

Q: I have several MapSource Europe CDs (e.g. Germany and France), which ones should I send ?
A:  It doesn't matter which one you send, you will not get a different product back. I'm not sure if you can send several original CDs and get several upgrade copies back. What definitely will not work is ordering several upgrades (e.g. 3 by paying US$ 180) but sending only one original CD in.

Q: If I send e.g. my MetroGuide Germany in, will I only get an unlock code for Germany in the new "all-european" product.
A: No. There are no unlock codes for this product - you will get all (supported) European countries in return for your original CD and the upgrade price. It definitely IS a bargain and major change of Garmins European pricing policy IMHO.

Q: Will I get my original CD back ?
A: No. (At least not in my case)

Q: What about turn-around times, when will I get the upgrade ?
A: I ordered on January 5th, and the upgrade was sent out on February 13th. The order form specifies "allow 8-12 weeks for delivery", so that was quite on schedule. Garmin Europe did not have the CDs to send out until early February AFAIK, so future processing may be much quicker, but probably only after they were able to handle the initial backlog.

They used DHL to send my package.  Dealing with them on the phone was a pleasure btw, they were quick, friendly and competent.

Q: How did installation go ?
A: Smooth sailing as far as I am concerned - my original MapSource installation directory (where I already had the 4.06 version installed) was detected correctly, and not overwritten (the version of MapSource that is on the CD seems to be V 4.00 according to the CD label, I was unable to check this since the version on my HD was more current and hence not replaced).

The setup asked me to specify which regions I wanted to install, and I selected "all". HD space required for a full installation is about 1GB. I noticed a few installation quirks, but all minor except one.

- the setup program presents you with a map with region numbers, but you can't select from that map. Selecting is done in a "checked listbox" dialog on the next screen, where the map isn't visible anymore and the regions don't have names (e.g. "France and Benelux", "Spain and Portugal" etc) but only numbers.

- you cannot elect to store the map files somewhere else than your MapSource installation directory. This should be configurable IMHO.  See below for a way to fix this (initial space needs to be available though)

- after installation states it is done and offers you to launch MapSource, it wants to see Disc 1 again for no obvious reason.

- A link to "Garmins Unlock Web Page" is installed under "MapSource"  in the start menu, although this specific product does not require unlock codes.

Q: How can I move the data files to an HD with more space ?
A: Note: the following assumes that you're familiar with editing the registry and moving files around on your harddisk. It is valid /tested only for a _full_ installation of the _new_ European Metroguide. All disclaimers about editing the registry and moving files on the filesystem apply - do this at your own risk.

+ First, quit MapSource should it be running. Create a subdirectory on your HD / partition of choice, and call it e.g. EuroMG. Move the following files from the MapSource installation directory (Usually \Program Files\Garmin\MapSource to your new directory:

- metroguideeurope.mdx
- metroguideeurope.tdb
- MetroGuideEurope_MDR.img
- metroguideeurope.img

Also, move the subdirectory .\EUROMG400 to the new directory in its entirety.

Assuming you created a new L:\MapSource\EuroMG directory, its contents should be like this now:

Directory of L:\MapSource\EuroMG

18.02.02  11:16         <DIR>          EUROMG400
04.11.01  13:30           10,584,064 metroguideeurope.img
06.11.01  10:31                    5,414 metroguideeurope.mdx
06.11.01  10:31                  66,186 metroguideeurope.tdb
05.11.01  08:39             68,452,352 MetroGuideEurope_MDR.img
               7 File(s)     79,108,016 bytes

(EUROMG400 should contain 449 files)

+ Now, launch regedit and change the following keys under

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource\Families\European MetroGuide V4.00"

like so:

IDX = L:\MapSource\EuroMG\MetroGuideEurope.mdx
MDR = L:\MapSource\EuroMG\MetroGuideEurope_mdr.img

+ Finally change the following keys under

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource\Families\European MetroGuide v4.00\1"

like so:

Bmap = L:\MapSource\EuroMG\MetroGuideEurope.img

NOTE: If you created another subdirectory on another drive (quite probably), you need to adapt those paths (L:\ ...) above accordingly -
do not use them verbatim, they are just examples !

Q: Are any existing MapSource products replaced/overwritten by the new installation ?
A: I don't think so - "European Metroguide 4.0" is simply added as an additional product in the product selection pulldown menu. I can still select my old MetroGuide Germany, for instance.

Gilles Kohl