GPS Receivers with known Y2K and EOW problems are listed below

The following GPS receivers reportedly will have EOW problems around
August 21,  1999.  These problem will range from longer startup times 
to failure to lock during week zero.  The firmware should be upgraded 
before August 21 1999.  As far as is known,  these units will report 
the correct POSITION as soon as the units acquire lock.
Receivers affected by Y2K or EOW rollover bug (See also:  Peter Bennett's Website)
3S Navigation - some models
Apelco GPS180
Autohelm ANT108
Datum - some models
Furuno - Units earlier than GPS 500 MK2
Honeywell - some aviation receivers
Leica MX100 - firmware below version 12
Leica MX200 - firmware below version 13.7
Leica MX300 - firmware below version 1.8
Leica MX4200 - firmware below version 32
Leica MX9400 - firmware below version 1.2
Leica GPS Engine - firmware below version W
Leica MX1100 - no fix for 2 channel version; must upgrade to 12 ch.
Magellan -  some pre-1994 receivers
Motorola Traxar- Will have minor problems see item 1** below.
NovAtel - some models - see web page
Pioneer Automobile GPS, various models - faulty position!; fix available
Trimble - original placer 400 series
Trimble 10X, Transpak and Transpak II - no fix available; must replace
Trimble NT Series - firmware below Rev 2.46
Trimble NTCG  - firmware below Rev 30.02
Trimble NavTrac XL - firmware below Rev 2.14
Trimble NavTrak - firmware version 2.09 and below
Trimble - various models - see web site
TrueTime GPS clocks - all models -- check with TrueTime.
Receivers NOT affected by Y2K or EOW rollover bug
Arbiter, all receivers
Garmin, all receivers
Magellan Receivers GPS 300
                              GPS 315
                              GPS 320
                              GPS Blazer12
                              GPS 2000XL
                              GPS Tracker
                              GPS Color Track
                              NAV 6000
                              MAP 410
                              GSC 100
                              SkyStar PLUS
                              ProMARK X
                              ProMARK X-CP
                              ProMARK X-CM
Magellan  is also testing products that are no longer in production, with the most recently produced products tested first. The results of those tests will be released as the individual tests are completed, and well in advance of either the EOW or Y2K event. As of January 13, 1999, we have determined the following Magellan products to be Y2K and EOW compliant:

                               FieldPRO V
                              Meridian XL
                              Trailblazer XL
                              NAV 1200
                              NAV 1200XL
                              SkyBlazer XL
                              SkyBlazer LT
                              GPS 2000
                              GPS 3000
                              GPS 4000
                              GPS 3000XL
                              GPS 4000XL
                              GPS Pioneer
                              NAV DLX-10
                              Magellan 5000DX
Leica MX400/MX9250/MK10
Leica MK6/8/9
Leica MX9012/9112/9212
Lowrance/Eagle, all receivers
Rockwell, all receivers
Trimble Scout
Trimble - various models - see web site

(Most consumer-grade units, including all Garmin, Lowrance and late model Magellan
units, will sail through 1999 without a hitch.)

Other sites with Year 2000 and EOW information:

GPS Manufacturers with Y2K statements



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FAX: +44 181 847 5711                   Middlesex TW7 5AB    UK
Additional technical notes:
1**)Motorola Traxar
    Thank you for your interest in Motorola GPS.  Your Traxar unit should not encounter any problems with the week number rollover or Y2K.  As you are probably aware, it is not possible to enter the year 99 when starting up your unit as it only allows up to 98 to be entered.  Therefore, the way to handle this is to enter the current date but for the year 98 when you power up.  Allow the receiver to track satellites and calculate the position, then allow enough time for the unit to download the satellite almanac data (typically 13  minutes).  Once you do this, the unit should be able to update its  position correctly the next time you power it up.  If you haven't  turned on your Traxar yet this year, this is the process you will have to follow to get it running correctly.  You may have to do this again after the week number rollover (August 21, 1999), and after the Y2K rollover.  We hope you find this information useful.  Regards,  Motorola  Oncore Technical Support