What is the best GPS for my application?  I want to use it for hunting,   fishing,  boating,  hiking and in my Car.  I want it to cost less than $300 and autorouting would be nice.  What model do you suggest?

We get questions like this a few dozen times a week.  Frankly...  We would like a unit with the capabilities as above too!  But no such device is currently available.

Current GPS receivers are a COMPROMISE between competing objectives.  Some are optimized for Aviation,  others for Boating,  Still others for Car Navigation and others for Hiking activities.  A few are just  an "electronic map" that shows your position on the map screen.  Others have no maps at all and can be just fine if you just want to know your longitude/latitude.  

Just as there is no "best choice" of an all around vehicle for flying,  marine use,  road driving and moving across rough terrain,  there is no "best" unit for these multiple applications in the GPS department.  "BEST" is highly dependent on your application,  money you want to spend,  and the features that YOU like.

We have listed our recommendations for two applications on our website in the FEATURES section.  These articles are:


For Marine and Aviation uses,  there are MANY additional GPS units optimized for these applications.  We have just a few fairly inexpensive units with reasonable Marine capabilities reviewed on our website.  These include the Garmin G-162 and the G-176, G-76 and Magellan Meridian and Sportrak models.  We have NO reviews of any aviation GPS units on our website.    While many other GPS  units may indeed work fine for casual user in Marine and Aviation applications,  most of these units are not OPTIMIZED for these applications.

If you want SPECIFIC help in selecting a GPS,  I suggest you describe your application in DETAIL and post your request to the GPS NEWSGROUP at:


The people on this NG have wide experience and will be glad to offer their varied opinions on which GPS is the best for your particular application.  As with ALL newsgroups,  some people are highly opinionated for/against one or another brand or model,  but if you get multiple responses and then go to our website and read the product reviews of models which interest you,  you will likely get close to the unit you need.

Buying a first GPS is sort of like buying your first car.   You think you know what you want,  but until you drive the unit around for awhile,  you will not have a clear idea of what GPS is all about,  what the limitations are and what you SHOULD have bought in the first place.  There are literally hundreds of different GPS models and there is good reason for this.  There are MANY applications and different people have different ideas about what "BEST GPS" means for their particular use.

The above newsgroup is also a good place to ask your specific technical questions.  If you cannot get your questions answered elsewhere,  send Jack or Joe an eMail and we will try to help with your TECHNICAL question.  Again,  please take your question about "What is the best GPS for me?" to the GPS newsgroup where you can get a number of opinions from different GPS users.

Have Fun!

Joe Mehaffey

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