Garmin Tracklogs - Which is Best for You?
(15 Sept. 2000)

         eTrex Summit 2.05                   G-III+ in 0.01km Dist. Mode       Combined Display of 50-foot Diameter Circles
The eTrex Summit places a trackpoint about every 12 feet while walking (6.8-mile capacity for 3,000 trackpoints), and has a 'driving' capacity of about 150 miles.  The automatic tracklog mode of the eTrex Summit isn't adjustable.  The G-III+ 0.01km Dist. Mode places a trackpoint about every 30 feet, and has a 'driving' capacity of about 12 miles.  (This can be extended indefinitely with other tracklog modes and settings).

The eMap doesn't record as many trackpoints as the Summit, and its walking tracklog is 'barely adequate'.

In this plot, the G-III+ has been set to a Resolution Mode of 10 feet, and the eMap is default.  The G-III+ didn't lay down ANY trackpoint while walking!  And the eMap drew a figure-8 plot with only eight trackpoints.  The G-III+ apparently has the old threshold limit for setting trackpoints of 1m/sec (2.3mph) that the eMap once had.

While driving about 5 mph, the G-III+ laid down more trackpoints than the eMap, indicating that the resolution of the eMap is set to something greater than 10 feet.

Here the actual trail is blue and red is an out-and-back Summit tracklog.  The topo map is a DRG zoomed in 2x.

So those wishing to record trail tracks while walking can now use the eTrex Summit, G-III+ (in the Dist. Mode), or the eMap (if the best trail resolution isn't required).  Prior to Ver. 2.52, the eMap was not able to record a useful tracklog while walking.

Jack Yeazel