Garmin StreetPilot GPS Receiver
can operate with or without optional MetroGuide Map Cartridge
                  (2 JUL 98)                       StreetPilot is a G-III on Steroids

SCREEN DUMPS from StreetPilot GPS showing the rural area around Joe's Home about 40 Miles North of Atlanta

Dotted lines are TRACKS.  Black squares are waypoints uploaded from SA5.
   WITHOUT Atlanta Map Cartridge

Atlanta Map Cartridge Detail extends in a rectangle about 125 miles x 100 miles.
WITH Atlanta Metro Map Cartridge

Above the 8 mile scale,  there is little extra detail with the Map Cartridge.
       With Atlanta Metro Cartridge
Note straight horizontal LINE at top showing Cartridge Extent

(This is the BASE Map)
    Without Atlanta Metro Cartridge

Downtown Atlanta Area shown WITH and WITHOUT the Metro Map Cartridge.

ALL Residential and Commercial Streets are Shown
Downtown Atlanta WITH Map Cartridge

Just the main Roads and Expressways are Shown
Downtown Atlanta WITHOUT Map Cartridge

Canadian Base Maps are about the same as USA Base Maps.

StreetPilot has rudimentary maps of the world included.

Route Guidance Screen with typical "turn coming up" display preceded by "beep-beep" from SP

The Route Guide page gives details of the CURRENT route you are driving

A "Dash Board" screen gives numeric information about your journey.

The Satellite screen gives info on which SVs are being tracked, signal strengths, battery condition and EPE.



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