The REAL MAN curriculum  (REAL WOMAN curriculum follows.)

 Curriculum For Your Degree in Becoming a Man (or Woman)


 That's right, in just six semesters they can become real men!
 "REAL MAN CURRICULUM" (prepared and presented by females)


 Fall Schedule:
 MEN 101 Combating Stupidity
 MEN 102 You, Too, Can Do Housework
 MEN 103 PMS-Learn When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
 MEN 104 We Do Not Want Sleazy Underthings for Christmas

 Winter Schedule:
 MEN 110 Wonderful Laundry Techniques
 MEN 111 Understanding the Female Response to Getting in at 4a.m..
 MEN 112 Parenting: It Doesn't End with Conception
 MEN 113 Get a Life, Learn to Cook

 Spring Schedule:
 MEN 120 How NOT to Act Like an Idiot When You're Wrong
 MEN 121 Understanding Your Incompetence
 MEN 122 YOU, the Weaker Sex
 MEN 123 Reasons to Give Flowers


 Fall Schedule:
 MEN 202 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down I
 MEN 203 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down II
 MEN 204 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down III
 MEN 205 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down IV

 Winter Schedule:
 MEN 210 The Remote Control: Overcoming Your Dependency
 MEN 211 How Not to Act Younger Than Your Children
 MEN 212 You, Too, Can Be a Designated Driver
 MEN 213 Honest-You Don't Look Like Tom Cruise-Especially Naked

 Spring Schedule:
 MEN 320 Omitting @#%~&*! From Your Vocabulary
 MEN 321 Fluffing the Blanket After Passing Gas is Not Necessary
 MEN 322 Real Men Ask for Directions
 MEN 323 Thirty Minutes of Begging is Not Considered Foreplay

 "REAL WOMAN CURRICULUM" (prepared and presented by males)


 Fall Schedule
 WO 101. Are You Ready to Leave?: Definition of the Word YES
 WO 102. Inappropriate Rhetorical Questions (as in, "Honey,  Do I Look Fat?")
 WO 103. Elementary Map Reading
 WO 104. Crying and Law Enforcement

 Winter Schedule
 WO 106. You CAN Go Shopping for Less than 4 Hours
 WO 107. Gaining Five Pounds vs. The End of the World: A Study in Contrast
 WO 108. The Seven-outfit Week
 WO 109. PMS: It's YOUR Problem, Not Mine (Or, "It's Happened Monthly Since
Puberty: Deal with It")

 Spring Schedule
 WO 210. Driving I: Getting Past Automatic Transmission
 WO 211. Driving II: The Meaning of Red Lights
 WO 212. Driving III: Approximating a Constant Speed
 WO 213. Driving IV: Makeup and Driving: It's As Simple as Oil and


 Fall Schedule
 WO 215. The Super Bowl: Not a Game, A Sacrament
 WO 216. Telephone Translations (formerly titled "Me Too" = "I Love You")
 WO 217. How to Earn Your Own Money
 WO 218. Gift-giving Fundamentals (as in, "Fabric Bad, Electronic Good")

 Winter Schedule
 WO 301. Putting the Seat Down By Yourself: Potential Energy is on Your Side
 WO 302. Know When to Say When: The Limits of Makeup
 WO 303. Beyond "Clean and Dirty": The Nuances of Wearable Laundry
 WO 304. We Forget Birthdays, You Forget Sports Stats: LET'S LET IT DROP
 WO 305. MYOB: Proper Response to Other Couple's Public Arguments

 Spring Schedule
 WO 310. Yes, You Can Buy Condoms (formerly, "It's too embarrassing")
 WO 311. Joys of the Remote Control: Reaping the Benefits of 50+ Channels
 WO 312. What Goes Around Comes Around: Why His Credit Card is Not a Toy
 WO 313. Cleaning day does not always have to be Saturday.

 Courses for Extra Credit
 WO 320. His Poker Games: Deal Yourself Out
 WO 321. Commitment Schmittment (formerly titled "Wedlock Schmedlock")
 WO 322. To Honor and Obey: Remembering the Small Print Above "I Do"
 WO 323. Why Your Mother Is Unwelcome in the House
 WO 324. Your Mate: Selfish Bastard, or Victimized Sensitive Man?

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