These PRESS RELEASES from Magellan discuss their newest receivers that provide built in city waypoints (GPS-315/320) and their entry into the handheld MAPPING GPS market (GPS MAP-410).

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Magellan Puts The "There" in GPS

The New MAGELLAN GPS 315 And GPS 320 Personal Navigators

San Dimas, CA - November 23, 1998 -- Finding your way in the outdoors is now easier than ever with the introduction of Magellan's new GPS 315(tm) and GPS 320(tm).  These new personal navigators will guide you off the beaten path and back where you started or to any major city in the world thanks to Magellan's new Points of Interest (POI) database technology.

Hikers, hunters and campers can confidently go afield, save up to 500 user entered locations of trails, camp sites, hunting and fishing hot spots, and then quickly see the relation of those spots to any number of major worldwide cities.  The GPS 315's built-in database of nearly 20,000 cities can also be used as landmarks in a route or as a destination when using the GO TO function.

Magellan has engineered the GPS 315 to be PC compatible and offers the DataSend(tm) CD-ROM accessory that lets the user enhance the capabilities of the GPS 315 for a small investment.  The DataSend CD contains thousands of POIs, including campgrounds, parks, golf courses, tourist attractions, and highway exit ramp services.  Just select the POIs for your next trip and upload them to the GPS 315.
DataSend also features a database of worldwide nautical navaids with information on buoys, beacons, wrecks, underwater obstructions and other navigation data that the user can upload to the GPS 315 for enhanced marine navigation.  So if your adventures occasionally take you offshore or onto marine waterways, this database makes it easy to find your way from dock to destination and back again.  The DataSend CD-ROM and PC cable retail for about $79.00.

Another benefit of PC compatibility is the ability to transfer saved locations, landmarks and routes to a PC for storage and editing.  For even greater versatility, the GPS 315 can be used with most PC software mapping programs.

Featuring the same format as Magellan's popular Blazer12(tm), the GPS 315 offers several other enhancements.  For example, a new high resolution graphics display has been included for better viewing and there are nine graphic navigation screens (five customizable) that show your direction, the path you've traveled, distance to your destination and other navigation information.  A 1,200-point SmartTrack plotter records every twist and turn in your path.  For night use, the backlit EL display offers two levels of brightness.

In addition to the 500 landmark storage capability, the GPS 315 can save 20 routes with up to 30 legs each.  Hunters and anglers who like to know the best times to be afield will appreciate the best fish/game calculator and sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset and lunar phase data.  The GPS 315 also offers auto position averaging to greatly improve position accuracy when standing still.  A resettable trip odometer keeps track of the distance you've covered.

When traveling through heavy cover or deep canyons, the GPS 315 easily maintains a reliable signal lock.  Magellan's powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver coupled with a sensitive quadrifilar antenna ensures superior tracking performance under the toughest conditions.  For greater peace of mind, an internal 10 year lithium battery backup protects the unit's memory when the batteries are removed.  The GPS 315 is built to withstand the elements with a rugged, rubberized grips and weatherproof construction-it will even float.  Two AA batteries will provide up to 15 hours of continuous operation.

The new GPS 315 ships with a worldwide cities database, wrist strap, users' manual and quick reference guide.  Retail price is about $149.99.

The GPS 320 is similar to the GPS 315, but offers an enhancement that makes it well suited for marine navigation, either as a backup or primary navigation electronics.  What sets the GPS 320 apart from the GPS 315 is that it comes pre loaded with Magellan's regional nautical navaid database.  Three different regional databases are available that cover the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Australia, ensuring that the most comprehensive list of cities and nautical navaids are available to users.

The GPS 320 is also PC compatible, so additional Points of Interest (POIs) can be uploaded from Magellan's optional DataSend CD accessory.  The GPS 320 ships with the worldwide cities and marine navaids database, carrying case, wrist strap, two AA batteries, users' manual and quick reference guide.  Retail price is about $199.99.

Both models are lightweight and easy to take along whether at sea or on land.  Measuring only 6.2" x 2.0" x 1.3", they weigh less than seven ounces.  In addition to being lightweight, they're rugged with rubber armoring for a sure grip in any weather.  Two AA batteries will provide up to 15 hours of continuous operation.

In addition to Latitude/Longitude and UTM, the GPS 315/320 feature 11 coordinate systems including OSGB, Swiss, Swedish, Irish, Finnish, French, German grid systems.  There are also 72 map datums giving these GPS receivers true global capability.

Both products incorporate a user-friendly menu interface that's easy-to-learn and lets the user move from feature to feature for instant access to all the unit's functions.  The EZstart initialization feature eliminates the need to input coordinate numbers when first using the unit.  The unit's rocker keypad and dedicated GO TO, MARK, MENU and NAV keys let you save and name landmarks quickly and easily, and return to them time after time.  For extra security, a key-guard ensures that the receiver does not turn on accidentally.

The Magellan 410 MAPPING GPS

Combining Map Cartography With Navaid Database,  Magellan's New Map 410 Gives You The 'Big Picture' View Of Where You Are And Where You're Going

The new Map 410 hand-held GPS receiver from Magellan represents the latest in GPS and information technology, combining a worldwide background map with detailed highway cartography and a database of marine navigational aids. This feature-rich GPS receiver is versatile enough to meet the needs of both the marine and land-based explorer, according to Marc Rubenstein, Magellan's Vice President of Marketing. "With a built-in basemap that includes coastlines, cities, lakes, rivers, and railroads, plus interstates and state highways, the Map 410 brings land navigation to a new level of detail and understanding," says Rubenstein. "For mariners, we've also included a database of marine navigation aids that include floating and fixed buoys, lighthouses and radio beacons that can be identified with unique icons for quick, easy recognition."

For even more information and location awareness, the Map 410's optional MapSend(tm) CD-ROMs allow users to upload C-MAP NT(tm) marine charts, and additional Points of Interest (POI) such as parks, campgrounds, tourist attractions, highway exit ramp services, ocean wrecks and obstructions, and more. All this data is presented on an ultra sharp display (240 x 120 pixel resolution) that's 25 percent larger than competitive models. "The Map 410 is more than a navigator and locator. It's an electronic map and information source that shows you not just the 'where,' but also the 'there.'" states Rubenstein. "Priced at just $349.99, feature-for-feature the Map 410 is one of the best values today in hand-held GPS receivers.

 The new Map 410 is built in the same format as the company's popular ColorTRAK and Tracker GPS receivers and incorporates many of the same features and functions. The MAP 410 boasts a powerful 12-parallel-channel receiver and detachable quadrifilar helix antenna for outstanding lock-on tracking in any environment. The Map 410 stores 500 user-entered waypoints and 20 reversible/editable routes with up to 30 legs.

Auto position averaging reduces the effects of Selective Availability (SA) for a more accurate position fix. The Auto Backtrack feature uses the unit's track log to plot a route back home -- without having to manually mark waypoints. Backtrack automatically saves up to 1,200 track points of your current trip so that you can easily retrace your steps and return to your starting point. Hikers can rely on the built-in altimeter to provide accurate readings for elevation, and there's a built-in thermometer for recording ambient temperatures.

Both fishermen and big game hunters know that fish and wildlife are most active during early mornings, late evenings and certain moon phases. The Map 410 eliminates a lot of guess work with its best fishing time calculator for determining sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset times and moon phases for any place in the world on any date. The Northfinder(tm) feature displays the sun and moon positions so users can quickly determine their desired direction while stationary. Sailors and boaters can rely on the internal proximity and tracking alarms, which support external alarms for anchoring, cross track errors and arrival at a destination, for greater safety and peace of mind.

The trip odometer lets offshore anglers know how far they've traveled, so they can estimate the time and distance to return to dock. The Map 410 is fully PC-compatible so saved waypoints, routes and fishing hot spots can be uploaded and downloaded between the Map 410 and an IBM compatible personal computer. Boaters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts can then edit and delete information, or create new waypoints and routes. This GPS receiver is also compatible with many PC software mapping programs for even greater versatility. Map 410's EZstart initialization feature eliminates the need to input coordinate numbers when first using the unit. An easy-to-learn menu interface uses an intuitive operating system and on-screen instructions to make it as simple to operate as a cellular phone.

Nine graphical navigation screens including a real-time multiple route track plotter with adjustable scale show you where you're going, the path you've traveled and distance to your destination. Navigation screens provide directional arrows and information on Distance To Go, Bearing, Course Over Ground, Time To Go, Speed Over Ground, Cross Track Error and Velocity Made Good. For anglers accustomed to using the LORAN radio navigation system, Map 410 can convert their LORAN TD numbers into latitude/longitude or other grid system coordinates.

The Map 410 is differential ready, and when linked to the Magellan DBR-3 differential beacon receiver or similar device and receiving differential corrections broadcast by the U.S. Coast Guard or other sources, it is accurate to within 5 to 10 meters. The unit's power management engineering allows  30 hours of continuous battery life and the internal lithium battery back-up will keep the unit's memory active for up to 10 years. Built to withstand the rigors of marine use, this waterproof receiver has wraparound rubber armoring, water-sealed battery compartments and an all-rubber backlit keypad that keeps water and salt spray from penetrating the housing.

Measuring just 6.3 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches, the Map 410 weighs 12 ounces and is easy to carry along or mount on a console. Keypad and display backlighting make the unit easy to read at night. The Map 410 ships with a carrying case, wrist strap, four AA batteries, and user and quick reference guides. The optional power/data/external antenna kit allows for operating the unit below deck on a boat or inside a vehicle.

The company also manufactures high-precision positioning and navigation products under the Ashtech brand name for surveying, mapping and GIS applications. And the Magellan Driver Information Systems (DIS) business unit is creating tomorrow's smart car technology for private passenger automobiles and auto fleets. For more information about Magellan products, visit the company's web site.

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