Comparing Features of the Garmin G-12MAP,  G-III+ and the Lowrance GM-100
         [Garmin Roads & Recreation CD] * [Lowrance CityStreets CD]
            (7 September 1999,  added information for G-12MAP)

                                                                MapSource  * MapCreate
                                                              G12Map  G-III+ * GM-100

Alarm, audible                                                  Y       N        Y
Altitude displayed is height above WGS-84 mean sea level        Y       Y        N
Battery life, hrs (normal mode)                                 24     20 1/2    8 1/2
Battery compartment, sealed with rubber gaskets                 Y       Y        N
Battery door, attached to GPS                                   Y       Y        N
Database, of streets and roads most up to date                  Y       Y        N
Datums, number                                                  108     106      191
Event markers (icons only)                                       0      0      1000
Lithium backup battery, protects data w/o AAs for:          3 months 3 months  10 years
Map, Positioning Feature                                         N      N        Y
Map, can be shown at any waypoint (automatically)                Y      Y        N
Map (CD), can be printed from PC                                 Y      Y        Y
Map memory, capacity (MB)                                        1.4   1.4      2.0
Map features, selectable when uploading to GPS                   N      N        Y
Map program, automatically selects fastest GPS baud rate         Y      Y        N
Map on screen, two can be shown at same time                     N      N        Y
Map Software:  More 3rd party available than any other brand     Y      Y        N
Moonrise/set data                                                N      N        Y
Nav aids and points of interest, shown on inland rivers/lakes    Y      Y        N
Nav aids, nautical provided sufficient for coastal navigating    N      N        Y
Price, (Approx. Street) with street-level CD                   $410   $430     $450
Receiver weight                                                 269g   260g     344g
Roads, major ones are highlighted in black                       Y      Y        N
Route, presentation in 3D                                        y      Y        N
Routes, number of                                                20     20       99
Screen, rotatable                                                N      Y        N
Screens, shades of gray                                          4      4        3
Shoreline, vector resolution equal to that of Street Atlas 5     Y      Y        N
Street map, vector-resolution equal to that of Street Atlas 5    Y      Y        N
Street names, shows all shown by Street Atlas 5                  Y      Y        N
Street names displayed by "Point and Read" requiring no zooming  Y      Y        N
Temperature >Low operating temperature range                     5F     5F       ?
            >High operating temperature range                    124F   124F     ?
Topographic data (CD), provided for off-road navigating          Y      Y        N
Trackpoint, capacity in active track                            2000   2000     3000
Trackpoint, capacity per saved track                             250    250     3000
Trackpoint interval, automatically selected for efficient storage Y     Y        N
Tracks saved, number available                                   10     10       2
Track trail display, flashes for easy identification              N     N        Y
Track trail display, connects un-related tracks with bogus lines  N     N        Y
Waypoint, storage capacity                                        500   500      750
Waypoints, lists bearing and distance to closest:                 9     9        20
Zoom levels, number of:                                           23    23       32

Jack Yeazel         Ron Wilson