Magellan 410 GPS for MARINE applications

Many people ask us about the Magellan 410.  We have not reviewed this GPS receiver,  not because it is not a quality product,  but because it is currently offered only with the limited road detail BASE MAP (and MapSend Land enhancements) and with marine charts and navaids.  There are currently NO detailed uploadable detailed street and road maps for this unit.

No:  You cannot load MapSource,  MetroGuide,  Delorme,  MapTech or ANY OTHER vendor's detailed maps into the M410.
No:  We do not know if there are any plans for Magellan to make any street and road maps or TOPOgraphical maps available for this unit.
No:  We do not intend to review this unit as we do not ordinarily  review GPS receivers intended for MARINE use unless they can also load street maps..
No:  The Magellan MapSend Land is NOT high detailed road maps.  Rather,  it only gives you more primary and secondary roads.   The MAP330 is the only one (so far) that will have all the small city streets.

Yes:  We think the M410 is a high quality and full featured unit for handheld  marine use IF the maps and charts available provide the data you need for your area.

Joe Mehaffey