MapCreate 6>  Selecting (Creating) your own map sections:


In the above example:
1) You place the mouse in the upper left corner where you want to start a box,  hold left mouse button down,  move the mouse to where you want the lower right corner of the box,  release mouse button and a box is formed enclosing your area of interest.
2) Multiple boxes are allowed and you can have the boxes overlap and MC6 will eliminate the overlaps so redundant map data is not stored.
3) A feature allows the user to select "corridors" along roadways (pink strips).  The strips are formed by running the mouse along the road line clicking the mouse button anywhere you want to make a turn and thus create a strip with high map detail but just along a strip through which the road runs.
4) The user can select which types of POIs are to be shown on the map and uploaded to the GPS by checking options on the left of the map shown above.
5) With MC6 and the MMC memory system used by iFinder,  the user can upload MULTIPLE map sections one at the time or all at once into the MMC module.
6) MMC memory can also be erased all at once or in part and reloaded with additional map sections without erasing all map sections.
7) It is not possible to load the MMC within the iFinder via the serial port.  TheUSB interface MMC reader/writer must be used for all map and data upload/download.