Comparison of Global Map-100 IMS Maps to the Garmin G-III+ R&R Maps
(Change G-III maps to G-III+ maps - 24 Mar. 2000)
Joe Mehaffey & Jack Yeazel
NOTE:  There is a scaling factor difference between the GM-100 and the Garmin G-III+.  The GM-100 provides a scale factor of the screen WIDTH while the Garmins note the distance between TICK MARKS. This is a scale-factor of 4:1 between the two units.

Images Near Joe's House

         G-III+ Base Map              GM-100 Base Map                     GM-100 IMS Image       GM-100 MapCreate Image

          G-III+ Image              GM-100 MapCreate Image               G-III+ Image           GM-100 MapCreate Image 

Images Near Jack's House

           G-III+ Image                 GM-100 IMS Image               G-III+ Image                 GM-100 MapCreate
                                                                                                  Detail High                    Image, Detail High

         G-III+ Image                  GM-100 IMS Image          GM-100 MapCreate          GM-100 MapCreate
                                                                                         Image, Detail Normal             Image, Detail High

These are the things we noticed in the comparisons:  The GM-100 map detail is approximately the same as that of the Garmin G-III+, except the G-III+ has four shades of gray as compared to the GM-100's three shades.  The amount of detail clutter can be controlled (to some extent) in the GM-100 and G-III+ with a detail selection.

Interstate 400, which is shown in the G-III+ images, is missing in the GM-100 images. The little 'square dots' in the High Detail images are where street names will show up when zoomed in far enough.  At a scale of 5 mi and map detail Normal, the 'dots' remain while the streets are erased causing the map at that scale to have sort of a 'chicken pox' effect (see first image below).

         'Chicken Pox'                             Street Pilot Image   (and same area with)      GM-100 MapCreate Image

The GM-100 detail in urban areas is less than that of the Street Pilot -as expected.

 Screen shots courtesy of Chuck Renner and Ron Henderson (G7TO).

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