Do you need a complete set of spare parts for the ChangChai 295D diesel engine pictured in this article?

If so,  I have taken the engine out of service and have the entire engine assembly for sale FOR SPARE PARTS only.  While the engine does run,  my mechanic says it most likely has a broken valve spring and I am just going ahead and replacing the engine with a Perkins 404c-22G ElectroPak diesel engine.

Parts available are:
1) The complete engine assembly.  The engine runs, but there is a problem with one of the intake valves that my mechanic thinks is a valve spring.  
2) Original bell housing, flywheel and starter, all in good condition.
3) The fuel injection pump works fine and I have had no problem with it.
4) Water pump is fine and has no leaks.
5) Radiator is OK and  has no leaks.
6) The original spare parts kit including one piston and some gaskets is included.
7) The original mounting skid is included and the engine assembly is bolted to the skid.
8) New (operated 30 hours) Delco 55 amp 12 volt alternator with mechanical adaptation to the 295D engine is included.

The engine has a total of less than 200 operating hours on it so most components should be showing very little wear.  But I make no warranties whatsoever on the future longevity or condition of any particular component.  
Most of these components can be seen in the photos at

The price for this entire kit above (sold as spare parts and not as a running engine) is US$500 plus actual shipping cost.


In addition to the above engine, I have a mounting adapter kit to couple a MECC-ALTE EC0-28-L2 style 21KW (or mechanically identical newer units) alternator to the ChangChai 295D engine.  One person said that this kit also fits the ChangChai 395D three cylinder engine, but I do not know this for sure.  This kit allows you to buy the MECC-ALTE alternator and forever do away with the problem of the rubber generator coupling bushings wearing out as happens frequently  on the standard ChangChai/DADI generator system . 

This MECC-ALTE adapter kit includes:
1) Spacer to adapt engine crankshaft to the flywheel designed for the MECC-ALTE alternator kit.
2)  Flywheel to mate to the crankshaft spacer.
3)  Bell Housing to replace original ChangChai bell housing.  This bell housing mates up to the adapter ring in item 6 below.
4)  Steel adapter ring which bolts to flywheel  (2) and provides a bolt pattern to enable connection to MECC-ALTE spring coupling plates.
5)  Spring steel flex plates to mount onto the MECC-ALTE coupling shaft.  These spring steel coupling plates then  mate the MECC-ALTE alternator up to the flywheel in item 2 above.  
6) MECC-ALTE adapter ring (about 1.5 inch width casting) which bolts to the MECC-ALTE alternator and then the adapter ring bolts up to the new bell housing.  
7) Shaft flange adapter to extend Mecc-Alte ECO-28  by 0.925 inches to mate with the spring plates and flywheel.
8) Alternator Fan housing (casting) to mate alternator body to item #6 above.

Most of these components can be seen in the photos at
Bolts are NOT included but are common SAE and metric sizes.  See the "stacked list" below for the parts kit item details.

The price for this MECC-ALTE adapter kit is US$600 plus actual shipping.  It originally cost about $900.
Guarantee: If it does not fit, you can send it back within 30 days for a refund.

If you are interested in either of the above items, please contact me by email HERE or by phone at 770-889-5120.

This equipment is located in the Atlanta Georgia area.


Joe Mehaffey


Here is how the components in the coupling kit  stack up to mate the ChangChai engine's crankshaft to the Standard 
MECC-ALTE EC0-28-L2 alternator.

Outer housing items:                                                                                     
Center Shaft items:
  •  Bell housing(*)
  • Adapter ring(*) 
  • Alternator fan housing to adapter ring casting ring(*)
  • Alternator fan housing(*)  
  • MECC-ALTE EC0-28-L2 alternator body cylinder
  • Engine Crankshaft end
  • Crankshaft to flywheel adapter ring(*) 
  • Flywheel assembly with ring gear(*)
  • Spring Steel coupling discs (4 in stack)(*)   
  • 0.092 spacer ring to extend standard M-Alte drive flange(*)
  • Couples to MeccAlte drive flange
All of the items marked (*) are included in the kit.  Bolts are not included, but they are standard SAE and Metric sizes.