UPDATE on the GPS Information.net FORUM.

A Trojan Attack on our files at the IXWebhosting.com webhost has forced us to move all of oour sites and files to new webhosts and servers.  There was a "Trojan Generator" on the IXWebhosting server system that continuously injected scripts and trojan generator files into our files and this has required rather continuous policing over the past month or two.

As of 2/14/2010, we have moved all of the website files and have installed a new phpBB Forum program at our new webhost.  However, the  phpBB Forum program is a later version and so not all files are directly compatible.  Technical Support is working to install the backup files into the new FORUM  as of today.  

The latest backup we had was in late December 2009 so (sorry to say) any postings or registrations in 2010 have been LOST.  We are very sorry about that.  But please do register again and we all hope that this will not happen again.

Questions:  Contact Joe Mehaffey