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SMC 7004 WBR http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?action=products_show_product&productcode=SMC7004AWBR
This is a combination Router/firewall, Hub, and Wireless Access Point all in one box.  The advantage of this router is that the setup screens are accessed by a browser IP address such as (  No software is needed.  One must ask the DSL provider, however, to set their MAC address to the router's address, which isn't changeable.  The LAN speed of this 11Mbps system is about 18MB per minute.  Care must be taken that the channel of the PC cards match the channel of the access point.

Once you set your computer to the default LAN IP range of the router; then you can reset the LAN IP address,  password,  mode,  and a few other things and you are in business.  The Local DSL provider requires a PPoE setup (and not a DHCP Client.)  This requires adding your IPS user ID name and password.  The unit has provisions to mount it on a wall.  The system has proven to work with more than one PC-card manufacturer.  We have tested it with the SMC 2632W 11Mbps cards and the Orinoco 11Mbps Silver cards.

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Desktop computer with Antec DataChute PC dual-slot card drive and Orinoco PC Card TransceiverThe Laptop also has an Orinoco PC Card Transceiver.  NOTE:  Before buying a  PC dual-slot card drive, see what kind of slots are available in the PC.