Tests of the Garmin eTrex Legend and G-162 WAAS in a Rural Area

Twenty-minute recording of the Legend with WAAS On - 95% = 2.0m

Fourteen-minute recording of the Legend with WAAS Off- 95% = 2.4m

A 46-minute test was also run on the G-162 at the same site - 95% = 1.8m

A 13-minute test was run on the G-162 with WAAS OFF - 95% = 2.5m


Joe and Jack at the test site at a high point in "The Middle of Nowhere"
The Legend is placed on a tripod at 'human' height' as far away from reflections as possible
The G-162 is also included sitting on the ground under the tripod.

(In these tests, the reference point was set to the weighted average. Rain interrupted longer tests)