Maybe we should have doctor control.

USA Today triggered a chain of thoughts that resulted in a person
cruising the web for some statistics and doing a few calculations:

Follow as we do the math...........

Number of physicians in the USA-----700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians each year-----120,000 (Joe sez: This seems like a BIG number to me.)
Accidental deaths per physician-----0.171

Number of gun owners in the USA-----80,000,000!!
Number of accidental gun deaths each year (all age groups) -----1,500
Accidental deaths per gun owner-----0.0000188

Then try this one.
Number of users of Nuclear Power in the USA-- 20% of 260 million =52,000,000
Number of accidental deaths in USA Nuclear power plants from all causes over 40 years ---  8
Number of accidental deaths in USA Nuclear power plants per year = 0.2
Accidental deaths per user of nuclear power per year---    0.00000000396

Conclusion......Doctors are approximately 9,000 times more likely to
kill you accidentally than a gun owner and 43,000,000 times more likely to kill you
than a nuclear power plant accident.

Should we perhaps have doctor control instead of gun control?  And aren't those nuclear power
plants in the USA the safest thing you ever saw?

Note:  Figures taken from sources on the internet and are not guaranteed to be  accurate,
but the trend is interesting.