WinCE GPS Software

In no particular order, here's some WindowsCE GPS software I've found.

Please email  David Johnson for errors, omissions, reviews, etc.  I don't actually own a WinCE device, so I can't provide reviews (anyone got one they don't need :-) ).  If you'd like to provide brief reviews, I'd be happy to include them here.

There's not much out there - an opportunity for budding programmers!  If you do start working on something, I'd love to hear about it!
Moving Map
TeleType GPS (commercial - demo available) For Windows CE/95/NT.  Latest version includes:
* Door to door routing via the Internet (Both MapsOnUs and MapBlast are now supported).
* DeLorme Earthmate support
* Jornada support
* SH4 support for newer Windows CE computers such as the Hitachi ePlate and Compaq Aero 8000
* Ability to interact with third party programs
* Attachment of photos to waypoints
* UTM grid support
* New waypoint icons
* MapPaint program (part #3065) allowing you to make freehand drawings and notations on TeleType maps
* Easy export of maps from desktop computer to handheld computer
* Marine Map enabler (#9096) for Maptech marine charts. 
GPS Gps mapping program for bitmap maps by Hans Scholten. This is a promising program that displays your position on a bitmap map that you supply. It is unique in that the same source code works with both winCE and Palm by the use of a WABA  runtime package. The program source is a kind of Java like language. You need to have a copy of waba installed plus the package from Hans. Note that Waba is in beta form so expect to re-link with each waba release. 
Anywhere Pilot GPS for pilots. This tool provides a full color moving map and features a complete HSI display, a unique EFIS arc display and live DME readout. 
Pocket Systems Ltd. PocketGIS is a low cost, yet powerful, Geographical Information System (GIS) for field data capture which can display and edit map geometry and attributes. PocketGIS brings real GIS functionality to highly portable Windows® CE devices 
Stentec Software
From the maker of WinGPS / WinGPSPro.  This software is now commercial.  I don't know what the plans are for the CE version of WinGps
DeLorme | Solus Basic Basic program is free, and does not include GPS support.  There is also a commercial version with GPS support
Geo Millenium System RoadPilot (commercial)
Free Pocket Streets Maps from Microsoft Uses Microsoft Expedia Streets & Trips 2000 and AutoRoute Express Great Britain 2000
Route Planner (Europe/North America) (commercial) Palmtop's PSION software is now also available on CE.
Millenium edition is available for both 
H-PC  Palmtop Route Planner Millennium
and PPC Palmtop Route Planner Millennium
OziExplorerCE A WinCE version of Ozi Explorer has been announced.
Handmap Map viewing software with optional GPS support.  There is a free version which displays US maps which must be purchased.  There are also "Deluxe" and "Pro" versions which have can display 3rd party maps.  The "Pro" version supports GPS input.

Garmin Protocol
or, english page at
Freeware. WinCE & 95 moving map software with Garmin upload/download. Documentation in Japanese, but user interface is in English (Win 95 version).  I've been in touch with the author, who tells me that it should work well under Japanese WinCE 2.0 or 1.0 or English WinCE 2.0.
Download page is here.  The new english pages include instructions for map calibration.
TeleType GPS Garmin Converter Commercial. Transfer waypoints to and from the Garmin GPS receiver. Upload TeleType GPS waypoints to the Garmin and download Garmin waypoints into the TeleType GPS program. Supports Windows 9x/NT/CE

GPS Mapping / Data Acquisition / Soil Sampling  (commercial - demo available) For Windows CE/95/98/NT
MapPad (commercial)

General WinCE Sites
Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website Great technical information + comparisons
MapQuest Mapquest provides downloadable maps & U.S. driving directions that are ready-to-use on WinCE & Palm devices using software from Not really GPS software, but useful nonetheless.
Mike's Palm-Sized PCs: Software A loooong list of software.  Use your browser's search-in-page feture to find what you want.
CEcity: Software Software archive
CEWare Software archive
WinCEarch Search engine dedicated to Windows CE
Total Data Capture WinCE, Psion & Palm vendors - lots of reviews & support information
Palm-size PC Platform SDK

Handheld PC Platform SDK

Auto PC Platform SDK

If you want to write for or port to WindowsCE, then these Microsoft links could be a good starting point.  The SDKs include a CE emulator for Windows NT (Emulation  under Windows 95 is not supported, but code development is).

Last Modified: 17 March 2000