Flashes of Insight for Californians

1)  Whistles do not pull trains and politicians and environmental zealots do not generate electricity.

2)  Should the state government get into the electricity business?  Who do you think got things screwed up as now?

3)  Conservation will solve the California electricity problem.  After all,  rolling blackouts save electricity.

4)  At 6.5cents per kilowatt-hour,  California residential customers (highest cost of living in the nation) had one of the cheapest electric rates.  Anybody wonder why PG&E was going bankrupt?  (We know.  This statement makes NO SENSE to environmentalists.  This is part of the problem.)

5)  Californians (in their great wisdom) have begun using massive amounts of natural gas to generate electricity.  Not only is this more expensive than coal or nuclear power,  but it is causing a large increase in the cost of natural gas for the nation as a whole.  Great wisdom here.

6)  Nuclear power is the safest,  cleanest and potentially the cheapest source of electric power.  But ONLY if the design of nuclear power stations is removed from the environmental zealots and politicians and left to the engineers.  People with an AGENDA only see problems with nuclear power.  Engineers can solve these problems as we have always done in the past if political roadblocks are removed.

7)  Maybe politicians and environmental zealots should be cut off from the electric power grid until they sort out why no new power plants have been built in California in ten years.

8)  There are no unsolvable technical problems with the concept of an unlimited supply of low cost electric power EXCEPT where environmental zealots and unknowing politicians place UNREASONABLE barricades in the path of progress.

9) Remember when we used to allow our engineers and power companies the latitude to build power plants so we would always have plenty of electricity?  Maybe this was a good idea.

10) It is ironic that a) California politicians set up an "electricity deregulation scheme" which has now bankrupted two of California's power companies then b) these same politicians are moving to buy the distressed assets from the power company to "save" it.  What about the power company shareholders (like you and me) who put up money to buy stock in these power companies and who now will have massive losses?  Where is the fairness?