The Reality of the Worldwide Nuclear Deterrent

Many people feel strongly that the coming of the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs are the worst thing that has happened to mankind in history.   I happen to completely disagree.  The existence of "The Bombs" has SAVED many millions of lives for over fifty years now.  Let me tell you how EASY it is to see how the Atomic Bomb has been MARVELOUS in preventing war.

In the 200 years prior to 1945,  there was an EXPONENTIALLY increasing average yearly number of war fatalities which grew to a total of over 61 MILLIONS in the 1938-1945 period.  Then we dropped the A-bombs on Japan.  Immediately after World War II and since that time, (57 years) the average loss of life on the planet Earth from WAR has averaged about ONE MILLION PER YEAR.  That's right!  More people died in World War II than in all the wars and insurrections in the ensueing 57 years!  Prior to WWII,  large wars erupted every 20 years or so.  Check your history.

The nuclear deterrent works on all parties and has prevented large wars now for 57 years. To those who say that the bombing of Japan did not save lives and create a climate for peace,  I say: > You are thinking illogically and without exploring the facts.  Almost surely if the A-bombs did not exist as a deterrent,  MANY more millions would have died from many more wars which did not happen.

Do I WISH that the USA did not have to periodically stand up and protect itself and our civilization from terrorists and others having a destructive mentality?  Of course!  Do I think I will see the time when such destructive folks will leave us alone?  Not a chance.  Just a fact of our existence.  There are always illogical people who blame their own bad situation on others and the richest and strongest country in the world is an obvious target for misplaced anger.  It was ever so.

The next time someone tells you about how "scary" Atom Bombs are,  tell them YES! and why you are GLAD that everyone is scared of them.

Joe Mehaffey