Changchai Diesel engines
        Mon, 23 Apr 2001 18:56:20 -0700
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Hi Joe,

I was searching for a used small diesel engine for a friend of mine
who needs it to run a 10KW generator and found your page on china
diesel generator set.

We'll I'm ashamed to admit that I'm an owner of a Mingdong Electric
15KW generator set using a Changchai 395D 3 cyl. engine. A bunch of
friends and I bought about a dozen or so Chinese Diesel Gen sets. Two
15KW 395D, and the rest 8,10, and 12KW sets using the 295D. We've
been running both 395Ds and 6 of the 295D daily. A friend of mine
has been running his 295D 24/7. But of course his had some problems.
Beside all of the problems that you noted on your web page, his
fuel pump leaked massive amounts of fuel into the engine case. Luckily
no permanent damage has occurred. The fuel pump seal was fixed and was then
up and running. However it's still has had many more problems, like
radiator leaks and fuel line leaks galore. I think that's due to
vibration problems though. He has his setup on 6"x6" studs underneath
the runners. Another friend with a 295D has also had leaks with
the radiator and fuel lines. His is also mounted in a similar way.
Yet another friend of mine has his mounted on concrete pad. He ran
his about 6 hours a day without a problem. Somewhere around 600 hours,
on of his pistons broke through his crank case. He took good care
of his too.
I run mine about 5 hours a day now switching to 9 hours a day. The thing
leaks oil near the bottom pan screws. To keep this email short,
these ChangChai diesel engines are of really bad quality.
One of my problems is that my bushings keep disintergrating into dust.
I've used rubber and polyurethane bushings, but they only last about
250 hours. You mentioned that this is due to an alignment problem.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me on how you
got yours aligned properly.


Alex Fernandez
p.s. I've got about 650 hours on mine.